Reports & Research

Here are some of the reports that the Health Coalition and our allies have released on the state of health care in Nova Scotia and Canada.


2017 Alternative budget

We were one of the lead contributors to the health section of the 2017 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Nova Scotia Alternative Provincial Budget. 

Read a fully-costed take on what changes could make a big difference in the lives of Nova Scotians.


The impact of federal funding changes on Nova Scotia's Health care System

In December of 2016 Nova Scotia's government agreed to a catastrophic bi-lateral funding deal with the federal government which will deprive Nova Scotia of almost $1 Billion dollars in funding over the next decade.

Along with our allies at the Canadian Health Coalition, the Ontario Health Coalition and the provincial and territorial health coalitions across Canada we released a report detailing the real cost of this inadqauate funding arrangement.

dahc contents.PNG

Digby Area Health Coalition

Our friends at the Digby Area Health Coalition released two damning reports on the state of health care in their community in May 2017.

The first report details the impact of neglect by the health care system on the lives of community members and tells heartbreaking stories of isolation, unnecessary pain and uneven access to care.

The second report gives a detailed account of why doctors are leaving rural communities and is based on exit interviews with physcians who left the area after being recruit to practice in or near Digby.