NS Budget 2019

2019 Nova Scotia Budget Offers No New Funding for Programs or Frontline Services


What We're Doing Now

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Private Deals, Proven Failures

When our government signs private deals with for-profit companies Nova Scotians are kept in the dark.

These private financing schemes deliver less for more and mean that the public don't own or control buildings that are important to our communities.

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Care in Your Community

It's almost impossible to find a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Emergency rooms are closing for days at a time.

The lack of access to primary and emergency care is endangering the lives of Nova Scotians and the sustainability of communities.

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Universal health care is an unfinished project. While the public health insurance covers visits to the hospital or the doctor's office prescription drugs are not.

A national drug plan for everyone would save tens of billions of dollars and make sure that everyone has equal access to the medication that they need.

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Health Funding Gaps

NSHC calls on the federal government to be sympathetic to the health funding concerns of Nova Scotia and others and to formally consider demographics when calculating federal transfers “to ensure that all regions of the country have the resources to fulfill their responsibilities with respect to the aging population.”

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Who We Are.

The Nova Scotia Health Coalition is a non-partisan group of citizens who believe that everyone deserves high quality, universally accessible public health care regardless of where they live or how much money is in their pocket.