2019 NS Budget

‘Dumpster full of disappointment:’ Advocates, Opposition say provincial budget doesn’t address Nova Scotia’s health-care crisis, by Alex Cooke at Star Halifax (soft paywall)

Chris Parsons, provincial co-ordinator with the Nova Scotia Health Coalition, said even though the province is having difficulty recruiting doctors, there are other way to address it.

“I think doctor recruitment continues to be a challenge for all governments in Canada, and I think this government is doing its best,” said Parsons.

“But what we need to do is look at solutions that look like more nurse practitioners, that look like dealing with the long-term care problems, that look like dealing with home care, and those things were just inadequate in this budget.”

He noted that a large chunk of the increased spending went to administrative costs and changes in infrastructure, including $156.9 million for redevelopment projects at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax and the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney.

Not enough money was spent on the fundamental changes needed to improve access to health care, he said.

“That’s inadequate given the scope of the crisis here. We think the redevelopment for those hospitals is long overdue, but we need more money on the front lines for the delivery of services and programming,” said Parsons.

Healthcare advocates not pleased with N.S. budget, halifaxtoday.ca

The provincial co-ordinator of the Nova Scotia Health Coalition calling the provincial budget "inadequate".

Chris parsons says the province fell short in addressing health care woes.

On Tuesday, the province tabled its fourth consecutive balanced budget which included a $200 million bump in health care spending.

Parsons told NEWS 95.7 that number doesn't tell the whole story.

"You're only looking at about $26 million in new funding that is going to programming and front line services, and that's inadequate given the scope of the crisis here," said Parsons.

He adds the budget didn't do enough to address long term care or home care issues.

Chris Parsons